Why KHC?

With a proven track record helping biotech, lifesciences and technology companies transform from early stage to full commercial enterprises, KHC delivers the expertise you need, when you need it. We excel at finding, retaining and motivating highly technical talent, including scientists, engineers and software people, setting up operational infrastructure (HR, Admin, Facilities), and creating cultures of success. Put our extensive experience -- leading teams in diverse and international locations, as well as strategic leadership during multi-state and international, mergers, acquisitions and integrations -- to work for you.

We can help when:

  • You're looking to grow from 20 employees to 100 in the next few months.
  • You just closed a round of financing and it's time to hire key members of the team.
  • You're just getting started and need help setting up processes, vendors, compliance and other administrative details.
  • You need renewed commitment from your team after a layoff.
  • You to pull together a headcount strategy and projection for your board.
  • You're in a turnaround situation, and unsure about your ability to recruit the talent you need to succeed.
  • You're looking to implement or grow a commercial presence.
  • You're involved in M&A activity.
  • You're about to downsize, and want to make sure itís done right.
  • You need to train your first time managers.
  • You need hands-on HR expertise, but don't have need or budget for a full-time hire.

We specialize in helping companies develop human capital in ways that scale, making it easier to focus on the corporate priorities at hand.


We help streamline and optimize HR Operations. We bring order out of chaos, in ways that are easy to implement and maintain. We have the knowledge, experience and network to immediately impact the environments we enter, and the drive it takes to succeed. We plan and implement strategic initiatives that promote a motivating and rewarding culture, as well as do the hands-on day-to-day work it takes to make programs succeed.

We work with 2-person early state startups as well as multinational corporations in a variety of industries. We work on a project basis, or as HR generalists for companies wanting true HR expertise on a part-time basis.

Help your company meet its strategic goals through our expertise in Human Resources Management, Talent Acquision, Organizational Development, Leadership Training, and Performance Management.

Specialties include:

  • Recruiting Strategies, and full-cycle recruitment (through C-level hires)
  • Behavioral Interviewing training for interview teams and hiring managers
  • Strategic Headcount Planning and forecasting
  • Commercial Expansion - including recruitment and Sales Commission and Bonus Plan Development
  • Compensation Strategy, design and implmementation - including domestic and international benchmarking
  • Performance Review design, implementation, and training
  • Benefits Plan Design - including domestic and international plans
  • International HR Operations
  • M&A - international and domestic - from early stage due diligence through post-merger integration
  • HRIS Integrations
  • Reductions in Force
  • High Growth Environments
  • Culture Assessment and Measurement
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Development

Contact Us

Kristina Hathaway

Kristina Hathaway is a San Francisco Bay Area based Senior HR Strategist. Her 18 years experience helping companies transform from early stage to full commercial enterprises have given her the tools to excel at finding, retaining and motivating highly technical talent, and setting up the operational infrastructure needed for success. She has grown companies from 50 person startups to 1500+ multinational industry leaders. She has strong experience leading teams in diverse locations, and a wealth of multi-state/international, M&A, turnaround, high growth, and small company experience.

Kristina has led Human Resources at Incyte Genomics, Ingenuity Systems, Entelos and Tercica/Ipsen. Kristina is a Zenger Miller Certified Trainer, attended Stanford Graduate School of Business, UCSC Extension, and has a BA from SJSU.

To contact Kristina Hathaway directly, please e-mail kristina@kristinahathaway.com

For general inquiries,
please e-mail info@kristinahathaway.com
or call +1-650-605-3415